I'm still here!

Date April 19, 2018 08:06

Hello, it's been a while. This is a holding message really, not for lack of things to report, but a dirth of something else, I'm not sure what, while getting life back onto those metaphorical tracks. Does anyone ever feel they are on course? Not this boat dweller.

But I am well. Four words I want to be more thankful for - my life now shouldn't be mistaken for something that has been rightly returned after being taken unjustly from me, but I find I do exactly that sometimes, and it could not be more wrong-headed. One has no right to be here. And it was never a given someone would go through their own life-changing ordeal to give me more life. (My brother, my rescuer, is well too - he's wearing the changes his op brought him bravely).

But for now, enough of the human drama. And back to the universal one. Yesterday the winter rolled away, finally, and today the boat bakes in the sun on flashing water.

More from me, and us, soon.




Posted April 19, 2018 08:06


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 In the summer of 2016, Mark Tunnicliffe threw his life to the wind and moved 100 miles to a boat on the Deben estuary in Suffolk. He now collects buckets, and shouts at birds. Can his dreams stay afloat?  

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