5 Feb 2017 - From my window

Date February 5, 2017 14:28

From my window I can sometimes see the sea. And sometimes I can’t.

 Twice a day the ocean swells the river, in agreement with the moon, and twice a day I watch the water rise up my garden, come to the door, and stay a good while, and do what it does, so totally.

Before folding back, like a drawn breath.

 We are left skewed and undone –like toys after play, at bath time.


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Posted February 5, 2017 14:28


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 In the summer of 2016, Mark Tunnicliffe threw his life to the wind and moved 100 miles to a boat on the Deben estuary in Suffolk. He now collects buckets, and shouts at birds. Can his dreams stay afloat?  

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